Big E's Scorecard.


Score bonus pints.

Earn rewards with Big E’s Scorecard.

Big E’s would not be successful without its sports-hungry, beer-thirsty fans. The Big E’s Scorecard is our way of letting you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, credit to your account, sweet promotions and discounts and so much more! Every fry, marble rye, or dry beer you buy is worth points—at any location!

Here’s what’s in the cards for you:

  • Free dessert or appetizer on your birthday
  • Points that never expire
  • Free entrée for your anniversary
  • 20 percent off just for registering your card!

Now Big E’s has even more to offer our key players with our tiered system. The more times you step up to the plate, bar, and buffet the more recognition you get! See if you have what it takes to become a Big E’s Hall of Famer!

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Big E's Scorecard